≫ TEDx Casey, the journey, step 09: video release ≪

#TEDxCasey Video release

I thought I was done with this TEDxCasey journey, and here we are: the video has been released! As I was reviewing it, I thought we had it easy: the team did all the heavy lifting to allow us to speak from the stage and enjoy the benefits. So, a BIG thank you to Joanne Law, Paul Kenna, Chris Hall, Lydia Ropiha and Robert Pattie-Williams who were the close team supporting us, every day, on our journey. A warm thank you too to the other speakers: Danyal Diallo-, Evita March, Dheeren Vélu, Mark Carter, Lana M Johnson -, Bill Holmes, Vicki Macdermid and Henry Wu: I'm so proud that I've shared this event with all of you.

My message is: if we combine our individual talent with our collective power, we can change the world.

What is your message?


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