✴︎ Innovation : it takes everyone ✴︎

How can the government support innovation?

How can we shift the innovation culture in large companies?

How can we support start-ups in a more effective way?

In the last week, I was asked all those questions, via different channels. For me, innovation takes everyone. No one is solely responsible for innovation, and I tend to think that all of us can do our bit. We can't all be designers, innovators, futurists but at least, we can all be positive supporters. In my mind, the combination of letting people take more risks and actions toward innovation, combined with a positive peer group support (within the company, embedded in the culture and in all levels of government) will shift Australia from being twenty third in the Global Innovation Index to possibly the top five in the next decade or two. It will take everyone. So, start today: it takes everyone at this very moment.

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